An Exciting Journey to Now

For almost 20 years, I have been involved in website development in one way or another. 14 of those years I’ve spent as founder and president of Hannush Web.

At Hannush Web I have some simple but powerful goals.  Let clients know we build a website by focusing on the business first, not just technology. Let the client know the options available and explain each clearly so they could make an informed decision. And help with guidance from my own experience managing hundreds of websites.

This formula helped build a strong company and a great client base. And it helped feed my need to help teach and foster understanding for better results.

Empowering Others With Knowledge

Earlier this year I was talking to a fellow entrepreneur and he teased the idea of me using my knowledge to help consult with more than just my clients.  While consulting did seem exciting, it still felt very limiting.  I would have the ability to step in and get a few more companies back on track, but it didn’t seem like I would be helping all that I could.

The Website

I’m a web developer, so developing a website with great content seemed like a natural. So this very website will offer tons of free content to help business owners and entrepreneurs stay on top of the latest trends and options for a better web experience.

A Podcast

I also used to be in radio and I’ve toyed with the idea of having a podcast for years, but never stepped out front to do so.  With a mission, backed by a passion to grow this knowledge train, now is the time for The Drew Hannush Show! I will invite guests in and will take questions from you, the audience.

Social Media

Add to that a blog, Twitter feed, YouTube channel and Facebook pages that should dish out bite sized tidbits that you can utilize now to improve your web presence. Plus, let's be social on social media. Feel free to comment and ask questions.

Your Involvement Makes It Better

Along the way, I’d love to hear your feedback. Not only through comments on the blog and through social media, but also during Q&A’s at the workshops and when I release the book on early this Fall.

There will be plenty of primer content. And as early adopters, you’ll get a feel for the book as I post excerpts and I’ll be looking for your feedback on how easy it is for you to learn from and use.

These are exciting times and I’m energized by the thought that I can help you better understand how to improve your business on the web.

Let's Get Started!

Join us on your favorite social network and bookmark the site. The goal of all of these tools is to help each and every member of our community to have a better business experience from the web.

I look forward to our journey together.


Drew Hannush