Drew as Rocky in front of Statue in Philadelphia

Conquering My Bucket List

How many people have you heard say "when I retire, THEN I'll travel." And how many people go to amazing towns and countries for their jobs, but never see any more than the airport, convention center or hotel?

So I'm asking the question, why should I hold off on traveling until I retire? I'm in the best shape of my life, I have income now, and I have more places to see than one person could cover in just a few years!

The Challenge of Mixing a Career and Travel

So far, over my lifetime, I've slowly conquered my own continent by using a few weeks a year of limited vacations. It has been timely and cost-effective in a less-connected world. But now, with WiFi so prevalent and my job being Internet-based, the time is really perfect to stretch myself overseas.

But still the question remains, can I stay on top of business and see the world at the same time?

Well, if you take all those hours I binge watch fictional characters on Netflix, surf the Internet for stuff I don't need to buy, and scrap those time-wasting inefficiencies at work, I'd have plenty of productive hours to ride the canals of Venice, drive Furka Pass in Switzerland or actually watch and enjoy a sunset anywhere! It's all a matter of making deliberate choices. 

The Time Is Now!

So as Frank Sinatra said "come fly with me!" I'll share my experiences through this website, Instagram and my soon to be relaunched YouTube channel. And maybe I'll inspire you to pack up your day job and take it with you around the world. Let's go!

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