Blurry Facebook Cover Photos

Has This Happened To You?

You work on a really nice crisp and professional cover photo for your business Facebook page and everytime you upload it, it comes out looking blurry or distorted?  

This happened to me as I was setting up my Drew Hannush Facebook Page. I took this image:

My original Facebook Cover Photo

And after I uploaded it, it looked like this!:

blurry looking facebook cover

And that is just not acceptable for a business wanting to impress.  

Why Facebook Wrecks Your Photos

It's not intentional. Facebook wants their pages to load fast. So if they suck all the guts out of your photo, it won't slow their site down. And most of us try to optimize the image before we even put it in, so we're taking a double hit of optimization. There is nothing left to squeeze out of it.

The Right Way To Create a Crisp Facebook Cover Photo

So here is what I did. I basically created the photo at double it's needed size. Here are the parameters:

  • 1640 pixels wide (width) by 624 pixels tall (height)
  • 72 dpi (dots per inch)
  • Use photo software to get the image optimized just under 100kb (kilobytes) in size.
    • Note: if you don't have optimization (compression) tools try a site called TinyPNG where you can drag and drop your photo and have it optimized automatically. Do it multiple times if needed.
  • Save as .jpg
  • Upload Cover Photo to Facebook as normal.

Your results may vary, but this should help out 80-90% of people. Just know, if your image has a lot of colors, this won't be as effective or you might have trouble getting under 100kb, but it will be much better than not doing it this way.

Let Me Know Your Experience With This

Feel free to comment below.  I'll be happy to refine this post if someone finds a good workaround. And this is a sharing community, so any tips you can give to help others is greatly appreciated.

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