Facebook Page Cover Videos

Sooner or Later Images Will Be Passé

It sure looks that way.  And the latest popular image location to take a hit is the Facebook Page Cover Photo. 

Instructions for Uploading Facebook Page Cover Video

It seems like every industry expert has been trumpeting the power of video and now the world's largest social media platform is ratcheting up the heat of businesses to get into video production. 

Note: Uploading the video is pretty straight-forward, just click the same button you upload Cover Photos with. It will give you the option to search your hard drive for the video to upload.  If you don't see that option, it may not be available for your account yet.

Keep the Quality to the Level of Your Business

Quality should matter here a little more.  If you were ever going to spend money to have someone professionally do a profile of your business, this might be the place. I say that, because Facebook is more and more becoming a way that people discover your business, either through likes, shares or ads. So, you want to put your best foot forward.  It's part of the reason I wrote the instructions on having a nice crisp, clean Cover Photo. You want to make a good first impression.

However, some smartphones have very nice filming capabilities, so you might be able to get away with using one.  But the main thing is, keep the video to the personality and quality of your business. I truly believe this is a branding opportunity and it shouldn't be taken lightly.

You Don't Have Much Time and Sound Is Optional

I've always suggested to clients that pitch videos about your business should be under 90 seconds. Apparently Facebook agrees.  Don't tell them your company history, show them your product, give them a feel for your story, or why you're in business. Here is the other trick though, do it visually as much as you can. Remember that sound is not on by default and that your first 10 seconds may not even be heard.  And the rest may only be heard if your visuals or product are compelling enough.

You Can Stick With Your Cover Photo

Understand, you don't have to change out your cover photo for a video. But this video thing is taking on more and more steam. You see now how Facebook posts that are just text don't get as much attention anymore...the same may happen for images. On Twitter, people are posting Animated GIF's to get attention, so still images may go the way of black and white movies as bits of nostalgia. So, a good long term strategy is to be thinking about your message to your customer and thinking how you can build a compelling video around that message. But for now, just make sure you're putting your best foot forward.

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