Social Strategy

Ask Yourself These Questions

  • Is the social media service (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc) I'm using fit my clientele and potential clientele?
  • Do I have enough understanding of the purpose and etiquette for that social network?
  • Am I willing to commit time to all of the networks I'm on to make it worthwhile to my followers?
  • What outcome do I want from the visitor or fan of my social media content?
  • Am I being too aggressive or getting off message?

Some companies and marketing firms take a slash and burn approach to social media. They think adding as many followers as possible is the way to show success. But real success is built on engaging with your clients or creating a great impression around your brand that sooner or later will drive traffic and earn you loyalty.

Over the next few months, in our blog, podcast and social media channels, we'll be taking a closer look at some of the things you can do to create evangelists with your social media, rather than turning clients or potential clients away. 

PODCAST: #1: Seven Ways To Get People To Unfollow You

It's time to start managing your social media campaigns. If you have an immediate need, sit down with your team and discuss your company goals and what reasons you have for using social network. Those four questions I posed would be a good starting point. Or enlist a qualified search engine marketing consultant to work with you in developing a plan of action or even manage your social media presence. Or follow me on Twitter or Facebook to get tips along the way.

Your can spend thousands to build it up...and a social media strategy can support an enhance it or tear it down in a heartbeat.

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