Google's Free One Page Website

I'm sure Wix, GoDaddy and aren't quite shaking in their boots, but Google is giving away one page websites to small local businesses. It was announced on June 13, 2017 that the new business tool would be available for worldwide consumption by Mike Blumenthal of Google.  

Is This Right For Your Business?

So lets say you've already got a website...then this is not for you. It would definitely be a downgrade (unless your current site is only one page and has no search history).  However, if you are a local business and you don't have a website, this could be a way to get online and give people more information than just a phone number and address.

Just Sign Up With Google My Business

If you are a small local business, you should already have a Google My Business account.  If not, sign up at This account gives you the ability to control many different details of your business in Google. For instance, in the knowledge panel (see below) you'll see hours, website, address, and reviews:

Google's Knowledge Panel

In fact, many times I'm asked how you answer reviews and you do that through getting validated through Google My Business (but that's another story for another day). 

How To Claim Your Free Website

It's pretty simple. Go into your Google My Business (GMB) profile and click in to "Manage Location" for an individual location. Then look to the lefthand menu. You should see "Website" listed:

google my business free website link

Once you click there, you'll be prompted to begin building your site:

one page website

The process is very simple and you'll also have a mobile friendly site, which your visitors will appreciate. You can even buy a domain name from Google and change from their default URL (business.sites) to your own custom domain name. Here is an example site from Blumenthal's article... . Getting your own domain name can at least get you started on a history behind that domain, which will give you future power when your site is out of the Google sandbox (more established). But free tools don't always stick around and this one is pretty light on features.  So, it's a good idea to have a strategy to build your own independent site somewhere down the road. You'll be able to take your domain name with you, even if you bought it through Google.

I hope this helps you out, if you're a small, getting started business.  It is nice to have these options. In fact, if it had been around when I started, I might have used it then.

Have Questions or Feedback?

I'd love to hear from you. Leave comments and thoughts below.  And share this article with friends who might be starting up a small business. It could mean a new free website for them in 5 minutes. Not bad. I'm sure they'll thank you for it.

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