Google Posts Give Free "Call To Action"

What Is Google's Post Feature?

Late last week, Google rolled out a new feature in Google My Business called "Posts." This feature allows you to log into your Google My Business account and place a free teaser to your product, service, or event.  It just takes a few steps:

  1. Log in (if you have an account) to Google My Business (if you don't, what are you waiting for?)
  2. Click on "Manage Location" for the business profile you want to create a post for.
  3. Look for "Posts" on the left hand menu or look for "Create a Post" in the main part of the page (between AdWords and Insights).
  4. Then begin creating a text ad or add a graphic to draw someone's eye.

How to find Posts in Google My Business

Google Posts Can Be a Lead Magnet

One of the most important things to have on your website is a "call to action" button that gets people clicking and engaging with your business.  Facebook, long ago, started giving business pages the ability to add a call to action button to their profile. This appears to be Google's answer.

When you're filling out your post, you can choose to:

Add an Image
Right now it has to be a minimum of 344 pixels by 344 pixels and you should concentrate your message in the middle 60% of the graphic as Google cuts off the top and bottom in some views (as you will see in my company's test ad below).

Lock in an Event Time
Have a grand opening or are you hosting a special event? This is a great place to encourage visitors.

Add a Call to Action Button
This gives you a chance to link to any page on your site. I chose to create a unique landing page for an offer. The button is your call to action. Your choices include:

  • Learn more: this could be information about your company, product or service
  • Reserve: perfect for an event
  • Sign Up: also good for an event or a newsletter
  • Buy: take them directly to your product page
  • Get an Offer: show them details of your offer

What this gives you is a way to create incentive for someone to click into your website or to learn more about you or maybe even make their purchase immediately. Your ad will show up in the knowledge panel or in a phone search. On a desktop, it would look something like this:

free lead magnet

Is This a Replacement for Google AdWords?

Absolutely...not.  This is not something that is going to show up when someone is looking for a general search term.  This will be available when someone specifically looks for your business.  So, don't think of this as a way to get people who don't know you, to find you.

Instead, think of this as a way to add some color to Google's expanses of white and gray and draw someone's attention to something of value your business is offering them. It could be the difference between them moving on to the next company, or reaching out to find more about you.

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