#1: Seven Ways To Get People To Unfollow You

Drew Hannush Show Episode 1Welcome to My First Podcast!

Well, this is pretty exciting. It's been almost 17 years since the last time I was in front of a microphone doing a broadcast of any sort.  

And now I'm getting to do something I love, help others learn more about the web and how to get the most out of it.  

This show is especially for people who say "technology is too hard for me!"  My goal is to help you change your mind and to help you make great choices for your business.

Episode 1: A Focus on Social Media Mistakes

In this first episode, we're going to take a different approach to making your social media more effective. We're going to look at common mistakes made that are sure to get people to unfollow you.  And unfollows are the silent killer of influence.

I'll give you seven different ways that people sabatage their own efforts (and believe me, I've been guilty of a few of these over the years myself) by annoying, ignoring or taking their followers for granted. 

I hope you enjoy the first show and I want you to have your voice heard too.  So I've set up a phone number where you can call in and get your question put on one of our future podcasts. Just call +1 (442) 777-DREW, tell us your name, location and your question. Or if you're not a fan of your own voice, go to the contact page on this site and submit your question there.  Your questions will help me choose what subjects we should cover in upcoming podcasts.  Also, check in with me on Facebook or Twitter. I'd love to hear from you.

About The Drew Hannush Show

As an entrepreneur, having knowledge about the web is a must. But so many resources are heavy in detail or geared only towards marketing and web professionals.  And then there is Drew Hannush. Each week, Drew answers your questions, helps you apply proven strategies, or features guests that can help you succeed with SEO, social media, web design, security and marketing.

It's just the amount of information you need.

And by the way, this podcast will soon be available on iTunes, so you won't have to tie yourself to my website. I want to make this as easy for you as possible.

And so the journey beings!

This Summer is going to be great fun for me. It's time to get all of this ramped up and by the Fall the book should be out, the podcast should be in full swing and I will hopefully be having a conversation with many of you via our social media, blog, podcasts and at the events.

My hope for our time together is that you benefit greatly by increasing your knowledge and awareness of all things web. That you feel empowered to make decisions on your own or with your web developer and marketing team. That we make some great new friends and that we all get enjoyment out of the learning process.

I look forward to our journey. Thanks for listening and subscribing. I'll be back soon.

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