#3 Should My Business Be On Twitter?

should my business be on twitterThis week, an interesting question was raised on my Facebook Live presentation. The question of Twitter's viability for business going forward. 

Twitter has always been a tough nut to crack for some businesses. And the question for many is, is this microdata platform of 140 characters something that would benefit their business? 

I'll give you food for thought as to whether the network is right for you.  And then next week, if it is right for you, I'll be telling you the best way to get started.

Also in the show, I'll start a new segment where we cover the latest from the web world, with tips on how you can make this news work for your business.

Thanks for joining me for another episode of The Drew Hannush Show. And please, if you have questions you'd like me to answer, either leave your questions below, or give me a call at (442) 777-DREW (3937). You might hear your question on the next podcast!

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